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Have you just got your L’s? Congratulations!


Now that you’re out and about on the roads of Brunswick, it’s important that you sign up for professional driving lessons from experienced instructors. At ESSENDON DRIVING SCHOOL, you will learn the most vital skills essential to being a responsible driver, including the rules of the road and how to be a considerate motorist. Whether you’re preparing for your upcoming license test, or you’re a mature driver looking to refresh your skills with a reputable driving school, call us today to arrange your lessons.


What You’ll Learn in Our Driving Lessons


At ESSENDON DRIVING SCHOOL, our aim is to train safe, competent drivers who are respectful of other road users and pedestrians. That’s why our lessons include comprehensive explanations of the rules you’ll need to follow as you drive around Brunswick and beyond. As Brunswick is an inner-city suburb, you’ll also need to know how to navigate trams, narrow streets, and parking on busy strips.

Our team of instructors have years of experience teaching young drivers, as well as helping older drivers refresh their existing knowledge. This is particularly important for drivers who have been away from their vehicles for some time, perhaps due to travel or injury. Our instructors can help you feel more confident getting back on the road and getting back to your life.


Our Instructors Offer Driving Lessons Across Brunswick


From Brunswick to Essendon, the instructors at ESSENDON DRIVING SCHOOL help people be better drivers. If you’re a learner driver and are preparing for your probationary license test, book in some lessons with us. We can help you solidify your skills and teach you all the tips and tricks to improve your driving habits. To book your lessons call 0419 662 051.