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Top Quality Driving Lessons Available in Strathmore

ESSENDON DRIVING SCHOOL is Strathmore?s leading provider of comprehensive driving lessons run by highly trained and experienced instructors.

We are able to help you reach your required 120 hours whilst teaching you how to become a safe and reliable driver for motorists and pedestrians alike. There is a lot of responsibility in becoming a reliable driver, and ESSENDON DRIVING SCHOOL offers a training course that will allow you to be safe in all driving situations and weather conditions.

Providing lessons with highly experienced instructors

Our driving instructors are highly experienced, qualified, and fully equipped to help new drivers and those taking refresher courses learn all the required knowledge and skills necessary to become a safe and trustworthy driver. We offer our lessons to new drivers, refresher course drivers, and those attempting to regain their licence .

We pride ourselves on training our drivers to not only know how to handle the diverse situations of driving and varying weather conditions, but also how to react appropriately in the case of an unexpected event on the road.

ESSENDON DRIVING SCHOOL will provide you with a modern and reliable vehicle to learn in and ensure our instructors teach you all necessary driving rules to guarantee that you are ready not only for your test, but also for the task of regular driving.

Our lessons are conducted in vehicles that are routinely checked and serviced, giving you the peace of mind you require to remain focused on learning to drive. Our priority when conducting our lessons is teaching our drivers to be safe, reliable, and to be able to handle the occurrences that driving a vehicle produces.

Contact us to book your driving lessons

If you require driving lessons from our highly experienced and qualified instructors, please do not hesitate to call us on 0419 662 051 and we will arrange a time for your first lesson.